De-Escalate Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Unplug the Power Struggle with Principle Based De-Escalation

90 minutes

Is it really possible to de-escalate anyone, anywhere, and anytime? Yes! Imagine yourself dealing with any scenario with anyone, anywhere, with confidence and long-term foresight. This is possible with a principle-based approach to de-escalation. While no single technique will work on every person, there is a small set of principles that do apply to everyone. These principles are universal and apply to people of any age, level of ability, or disability, and in any setting, and may help you in your work or private life. These principles help people enjoy success within families, foster homes, schools, group homes, hospitals, camps, day care centers, juvenile detention, assisted living facilities, and more, because these principles embody everyday life and relationship skills. In crisis situations, it turns out, some of the most powerful de-escalation techniques that you can use are actually critical relationship skills, so learning how to “be” in a crisis can be more important than what to “say.”