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Risk Management is the process of identifying potential risk and mitigating the prospective loss.  Using the latest innovative techniques and practices, the Risk Control team provides a personalized risk control product tailored specifically for your entity.  Risk control personnel take the extra time to understand the individual environment within each account.  Our staff goes the extra mile to provide warm, compassionate and friendly service.  Each risk control team member is an industry trained professional, with a broad sense of risk control for public entities.  In addition, each has a specialized area of expertise that provides value added services.  Sound risk management is the backbone for the tremendous success the Washington Rural Counties Insurance Program (WRCIP) has enjoyed for years.  The utilization of our vast risk management resources will help bring awareness to those who have the most loss potential to reduce impact for your entity and staff.  This aggressive, but proactive, approach keeps losses to a minimum, while maintaining high quality services, broad coverage and competitive rates.

All risk control services are elective and available to all members regardless of size or premiums.  Recommendations are made with sensitivity to budgets and entity needs, while maintaining flexibility in implementing recommendations.  To schedule any of the risk control services, contact our office.  800.407.027.

Risk Management Assistance Online

This is an email service designed to be convenient and easy to use.  When a risk control issue arises and you need assistance, you can simply email riskhelp@chooseclear.comYou will be contacted with a response.

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