Driving Skills Cone Course

Minimum 2 hours    
The cone course provides hands-on driver training designed to give your employees in-car driving practice with their work vehicles.  Time will be spent in descriptive training, and in a vehicle to utilize concepts and techniques learned during the training.  All exercises are slow speed and designed to increase your employees’ confidence in their ability to maneuver their vehicle.  The training is highly adaptable to your organization’s needs, from group training to one-on-one training during the day we spend with you.  Topics covered include driver familiarization with the vehicle, to include controls and mirror adjustments.  Also, the student will be introduced to techniques and the use of reference points for successful completion of the exercises.  Space must be considered: a minimum area of 220 feet by 50 feet is required for setting up the course.  Please contact Clear Risk Solutions to discuss how this training can be configured to meet your organization’s needs. The cone course can also be combined with our certified defensive driving presentation to further emphasize your commitment to safe vehicle operation.