Right Response Training

4-14 hours

When safety is your responsibility, the RIGHT RESPONSE workshop is your essential toolbox for determining the best course of action in any situation to achieve a safe, lasting and positive result. These tools will help you successfully manage aggression or behavioral challenges and help you prevent such incidents from occurring in the future! There are four versions of the workshop which we offer to attendees concurrently to give them just the amount of training they need: Primer, Elements, Elements+ and Advanced. There is a minimal service fee per attendee for this training.

•Primer: The first four hours is primarily focused on De-escalation Techniques and is
 great if you have limited contact with clients. Complete and receive a Certification of 

•Elements: Maximize Safety with Self-Protection Skills, in addition to the Primer
 (7 hours). Complete and receive a 2-year certification.

•Elements+: For your therapeutic contact with clients, learn how to prevent escalations
 with Proactive Environments and Positive Behavior Support. Also includes Advanced
 De-escalation skills (11 hours).  Complete and receive a 2-year certification.

•Advanced: This full, 14-hour certification gives you all the skills of Prevention,
 De-escalation, Postvention and Physical Interventions, including Escorts and
 Therapeutic Holds. Complete and receive a 1-year certification.